Terra Chula Village

Residential lots and homes for sale with spectacular Caribbean Sea

Why choosing the residential project TERRA CHULA VILLAGE?

Land with magnificent views of the sea. Real estate owners gain access to a common pier (mooring of boats, kayaks, etc.), located between the Mangroves in a sealed lagoon, from which you can go to beautiful places to swim, snorkel, diving and fishing.

Our project is located in the middle of the island on the south coast directly at the sea in a very quiet village Jonesville Point with good access to the west and east of the island and is suitable for people who want to enjoy the west and the east of the island.

We would like to build an international community of residents with a advantageous location on the island. In the future, the development of the island will continue to move eastward, so the location of the Terra Chula Village project is very interesting in terms of property liquidity and home rentals.

15 - 20 minutes from the project is the French Harbor, where you can find Eldon's supermarket, Mega Plaza Shopping Center, top hospital Cemesa, as well as pharmacies, mobile operators, banks, restaurants etc.

In French Harbor there is also Pristine Bay's 18-hole golf resort.

10 minutes from our project you can find the beautiful beach resorts of Turquoise Bay, Havana Beach Club and Media Luna.

Eeasy accessibility to the west of the island, which is sought after by the beautiful, tourists appreciated West Bay and West End beaches. Here you will find hotel resorts, restaurants, bars, diving bases, just west is suitable for spending an active holiday and for those who like nightlive. However, the west of the island avoids massive tourism and you can not find overcrowded beaches here.

Near the east of the island, where the virgin beaches are headed by the magnificent Camp Bay beach and quiet resorts for those who like the places untouched by tourism.

Residents of the project will have access to a relaxation zone with a restaurant, swimming pool and bar.

We build homes, including a collection tray for utility rainwater, and we offer a house connection to a drinking water source from our own well.

Central property management and rental management.